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About Transgenica.



Trans-Genica is a preclinical and disease model CRO, committed to building a strong foundation for the future of regulatory and preclinical research in our local community and beyond. At Trans-Genica, we offer research and regulatory services to wide range of industrial sectors such as pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, biotechnology, agrochemical, medical devices companies and academic collaborators. Our scientific work is driven by expertise of highly qualified team of scientists enabling us to provide our industry and academic sponsors with end-to-end solutions for their preclinical testing requirements.

At Trans-Genica, we provide discovery and developmental testing and regulatory safety testing using small laboratory animals (In-vivo studies) as well as well-developed and validated in-vitro tests and models, using bacterial and tissue culture (cell culture). The small laboratory animals we regularly use are laboratory rats, mice, rabbits, and guinea pigs. As per the requirements from time to time, we also work on other species like hamsters and gerbils, etc. Our service portfolio includes acute and short studies, repeat dose studies of varying duration like 28-day and 90-day toxicity studies, genetic toxicology studies, in-vivo disease models, in-vitro toxicity and genotoxic studies and in-vitro alternatives to animal toxicity studies, and in-vitro cell-based screening, efficacy or discovery studies.

We also encourage and participate in different research projects involving governmental and other non-governmental organizations and research projects for Post Graduate and Ph.D. students.

The routes of administration employed for in-vivo studies are mainly oral, intravenous, and dermal routes along with other routes like subcutaneous, intradermal, intraperitoneal, ocular, intraarticular, intrathecal or intracranial administration for which we have expertise and know-how available.

Most of our studies are as per the OECD Guidelines but at the same time, we also use other guidelines like ICH, ISO 17025, OPPTS (now OCSPP), CDSCO, CIB&RC, Indian/US/British Pharmacopoeia, etc.

We understand the needs, requirements, and expectations of our clients and give our best to provide them with the best quality results, within reasonable cost and agreed timelines.

Why Trans-Genica?

Through our dedication to excellence in research, collaboration, and education, we strive to make a significant impact on the global regulatory and pre-clinical landscape. We aim to create a sustainable, world-class ecosystem that attracts the best and brightest minds from local and far-off places to our region, empowering them to make a positive difference in the lives of people everywhere.

Expertise and Experience:

We specialize in conducting non-clinical studies to evaluate the safety, efficacy, and pharmacokinetics of testing products. We have the expertise and experience to design and conduct studies that meet regulatory requirements and industry best practices. This ensures that studies conducted at our test facility are carried out efficiently and effectively, with the highest level of scientific rigor. We believe that by leveraging our expertise, resources, and partnerships, we can create a brighter future for our community and the world at large.

Quality and Compliance:

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality and compliance and becoming the first GLP-compliant lab in Maharashtra out of the Mumbai-Pune belt, while also following other quality systems like ISO 17025. We are well-versed in regulatory compliance and our policies ensure that the studies are conducted in accordance with current guidelines and regulations. This helps our sponsors reduce the risk of regulatory issues and delays in the approval process.

Animal Welfare and Ethics:

We have well-developed and well-maintained Animal Facilities and in-vitro labs with all the required instrumentation and expertise. The animal facility is well equipped with separate rooms for quarantine, stock, and experimental animals. We use laboratory animals with the highest standards of ethical and humane consideration, providing them the best possible husbandry, environmental conditions, handling, and care, and reduce their use, pain, and suffering to the least possible.

Reduced Costs:

Outsourcing studies to our CRO can help reduce costs associated with staffing, infrastructure, equipment, and other resources. By utilizing our services, sponsors can avoid the expense of building or maintaining the testing facilities, animal colonies, etc.

Accelerated Timelines:

We have the capacity to perform studies simultaneously, which can help reduce timelines and accelerate the research and development process. This can be particularly advantages for sponsors working on a tight deadline or facing competitive pressures.


We offer flexible study designs and timelines that can be customized to meet specific needs of our sponsors. This allows our clients to conduct studies that are tailored to their unique requirements.

From our expertise and years of industry experience to flexibility and reduced costs, outsourcing your studies with us can help you save time, money and resources while accelerating the development process.

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